Service Catalog

Our point system is based on value and services being delivered instead of hours needed to complete said services. This provides transparency into our pricing, progress, performance and resource allocation, and it also establishes a clearly defined point value and associated cost per activity for us and our clients to reference at any time. Under this new model, clients can now see exactly how their monthly budgets will equate to actual services and projects.

The reason we designed this point system was to minimize discussions with clients related to scoping and pricing of services in order to put more focus on the work itself. It also gives you a good idea of what you can expect to receive within a given retainer month. As your business partner, it is our responsibility to make things as transparent as possible, and help you prioritize monthly activities and allocation of points based on determined budget and goals. Together, we will outline your planned strategic and tactical initiatives each month and illustrate how your budget should be allocated to reach your end goals.

Please refer to our service catalog below for an understanding of how your points are utilized based on services rendered. If you are subscribed to one of our packages, any unused points will rollover to the next billing month. If you cancel your package, you automatically forfeit any rollover points you may have accumulated. On the other hand, if you’ve built up a number of points from past months, you can use those points to make major changes to your website or put towards any number of larger projects you may have in the pipeline. 


Online Marketing Strategy Development (Analysis Included) 15
Set up Google Business Account / Profile with Verification 10
Online Account/Service Set up - Advanced 7
Online Account/Service Setup - Intermediate 5
Online Account/Service Setup - Basic 4
Admin 2.5


Free Initial Consultation 0
General Consultation (1 Hour) 4
Scheduled Meeting Cancellation (Less than 24 Hours Notice) 2
*Consultations are waived with or involving any service that has been previously initiated.

Analytics & Reporting

Setup Google Analytics Account 8
Create Analytics Report - Advanced 7
Create Analytics Report - Basic 5
Client Info Package w/ List of Accounts & Passwords 4
Add Analytics Code to Website 3
Create Campaign Report - Mailchimp 2

Graphic Design

Graphic Design: Level 5 25+
Graphic Design: Level 4 17
Graphic Design: Level 3 10
Graphic Design: Level 2 6
Graphic Design: Level 1 4
Stored File Request 2

Video Editing / Motion Graphics

Level 5 25+
Level 4 14
Level 3 10
Level 2 7
Level 1 6


Custom Email Signature 12
Email Migration 10
Business Email Setup 7
Troubleshoot Email Issue - 3rd Party Hosting 5
Mailchimp Campaign 4+
Troubleshoot Email Issue - STMP 4
Troubleshoot Email Issue - BIZPLOITATION Hosting 3
New Email Filter 3
Unsubscribe Contact from Newsletter 3
STMP Setup on WordPress Site 3
Custom Email Signature Edits 3
Email Forwarding (Routing) 3
Create ALIAS Email Address 2
Add/Remove/Modify Contact in Database 2


Website Malware Cleanup 15
Install & Setup Security Software 5
Website Malware Scan 3
User Permission Access to Software 2.5
Update Password 2.5
Secure Account (Per Account) 2.5

social media & online marketing

Instagram Boost 100 Targeted Followers 15
Design & Create Email Newsletter 15+
Social Media Video Design & Post Combo 7
Social Media Graphic Design & Post 5
Paid Ad Boost Add-On 2
Social Media Repost 2
Share Blast Add-On (Up to 5 Groups) 2

Search Engine Optimization

200 Point SEO Checklist THE WORKS 100
Add New SEO Keyword or Key phrase to Webpage 8
SEO Analysis 7
SEO: Update META Titles/Descriptions 6
SEO: Optimize Photo with Keywords & Alt Text 3

Google & Workspace (Gsuite)

Set up Google Search Console 10
Data Migration (Per Application) 4
Create / Delete User 2
Update Profile 2
User Permissions 2
Google Calendar Support/Maintenance 2
Google Drive Support/Maintenance 2
Gmail Support/Maintenance 2

Online advertising

Design & Post Video Google Ad 10
Setup Google Ads Account 7
Setup Facebook Ads Account 7
Design & Post Google Ad 7
Setup Facebook Business Manager Account 7
Design & Post Facebook/Instagram Ad (Video) 7
Design & Post Facebook/Instagram Ad 6
Design & Post Google (Smart) Ad 6
Edit Existing Ads 3
Boost Facebook Post 2
Turn On/Off Existing Ads 2
Single Ad Report 2

Admin & Maintenance

Organize Media (over 500 items) 11
Organize Media (over 500 items) 11
Organize Media (up to 500 items) 8
General Admin 2.5
Data / File Request i.e. Media, Document, etc. 2.5

General Misc.

Software Training - Third Party 5
Software Research 4
General 2

Support Training

Advanced Support Training 10+
Intermediate Support Training 5
Basic Support Training 3


10,000 Words 15+
5,000 Words 10
1,000 Words 5
500 Words 3


Setup Ecommerce on Existing Website 15
Setup Payment Gateway 13
Sync Ecommerce Store to Facebook Shop 10
Add 3rd Party Payment Method to Gateway 4
Add New Product 4
Troubleshoot Woocommerce Issue 5
Update Product Info/Data - Basic 2
Investigate Failed Order 2

Web Hosting & Domain Mangement

Setup New 3rd Party Hosting Account 5
Hosting Migration 5
Domain Transfer 3
Diagnose 3rd Party Hosting Issue 3
Diagnose BIZPLOITATION Hosting Issue 2
Domain Purchase and Connect 2
Domain Renewals 2

Web Development

Full Website Development 150+
Single Page Website Development 70+
Full Website Migration (WordPress) 15
Create and Implement Facebook Pixel 12
Optimize Website 12
Add New Webpage - Advanced 12
Add New Webpage - Intermediate 10
Advanced CSS 10
Add New Webpage - Basic 8
Wordpress Blog Setup 7
Website Restoration from Backup 7
Intermediate CSS 6
Website Update & Repair Level 3 6
New Blog Post 5
Website Update & Repair Level 2 4
New Website Feature - Plugin Install & Configure 4
Image Optimization 4
Basic CSS 4
Secure Website - Enable Padlock (SSL) 3
Website Update & Repair Level 1 3
Website Feature Request - Product Research 2
Diagnose Website Issue 2

General Inquiry *waived with any service

Phone Inquiry (Up to 15 minutes) 1.75
Email Inquiry 1
Chat Inquiry 1
Text Message Inquiry 1

Tech Support

Investigate/Diagnosis/Troubleshoot/Repair Complex 10
Investigate/Diagnosis/Troubleshoot/Repair Standard 7
Investigate/Diagnosis/Troubleshoot/Repair Basic 3
Investigate/Diagnosis/Troubleshoot/Repair Quick 1
Remote Access Add-On 2

Service Catalog Updates Periodically. All points are starting amounts which may vary depending on the demand and requirements for each service provided.

$30.00 point

20-75 pts

$28.75 POINT

76-174 pts

$27.50 POINT

175-299 pts

$26.25 POINT

300-699 pts

$25.00 POINT

+700 pts